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Welcome to La Cima Club Residencial

La Cima Club Residencial is a horizontal condominium with an area of ​​262,395.82 m2, located in the ​​greatest surplus value area in Acapulco. It has a privileged location that connects all access to the port of Acapulco.

It also has an efficient visual domain of 360 ° with the lots that overlook the Bay of Acapulco, Bahía de Puerto Marques, Laguna de 3 palos and open sea.

The ecological aspect has always played a major role in the project RESIDENCIAL LA CIMA CLUB, so we're talking about a 100% ecological development, which allows that the construction of the houses are integrated into nature while they can mimic it.

Estimated Condominium Owner

Telephone:  (744) 446 51 66
Fax:              (744) 446 57 49
Email:          lacima@btu.com.mx

Internal Policies

We invite you to consult "La Cima Club Residencial" Internal Policies, do not forget to update valuable information

Security Checkpoint

Main Access to La Cima Club Residencial.

Phone:     (744) 446 67 87
(744) 446 67 88